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President's Lecture - Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy

The Mayflower in stained glass

Passengers and crew from Hampshire

Stephen Hopkins 
Stephen was from Upper Clatford, Hampshire. He sailed to America on board the Sea Venture bound for Jamestown in 1609, but was shipwrecked off Bermuda. A tanner and merchant, he sailed on the Mayflower with his second wife Elizabeth Fisher. She gave birth to their son, Oceanus, at sea.   

Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins
Elizabeth was pregnant when she set sail for America. She gave birth at sea and named her new son, Oceanus. Her daughter, Damaris, and two step-children (Giles and Constanta) also travelled to America, where Elizabeth gave birth to five more children.   

Giles Hopkins
Giles was born in 1607, so was about 12 when he sailed on the Mayflower. He was the son of Stephen Hopkins, but his mother Mary died when he was six. He and his sister Constanta travelled with their father and step-mother, Elizabeth. Giles married in 1639.

Constanta Hopkins
Constanta, or Constance, was about 14 when she sailed on the Mayflower. She was the second daughter of Stephen Hopkins and his first wife, Mary.  Her mother died in 1613, so she travelled to America with her father, stepmother, brother Giles and step-sister Damaris. She married in 1627.

Damaris Hopkins
Damaris was about two when the family left for America with her parents, Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins. Her brother Oceanus was born at sea. Damaris died in the colony sometime before 1628. The Damaris Hopkins recorded with children in the 1670s may have been a sister named after her. 

Oceanus Hopkins
Oceanus was born at sea during the Mayflower’s voyage across the Atlantic. He was the son of Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins, and a brother to Damaris. Oceanus survived the first winter in the colony, but died by 1627.

Edward Doty
Edward was one of two servants to the Hopkins family. He was born by about 1589 and may have come from Lincolnshire. In 1621, he and fellow servant Edward Lester shared the colony’s first duel. Edward Doty married Faith Clark in 1635 and they had nine children.

Edward Lester
We don't know where this Edward was born  He, along with fellow servant Edward Doty, proved to be somewhat on the rowdy side.  They were the last two men to sign the "Mayflower Compact," which has led some to speculate they may have been originally unwilling to sign and required some persuasion.  In June 1621, the two servants would engage in a duel, both wounding each other before the fight was broken up.  They were sentenced by the Company to have their head and feet tied together for a full day, but the sentence was commuted after an hour due to their apparent suffering and the plea of their master Stephen Hopkins for their release.

John Alden 
John was born in about 1599 and may have come from Harwich, Essex. He was hired in Southampton as the cooper, or barrel-maker for the journey. He could have returned to England, but he stayed and married passenger Priscilla Mullins around 1623. They had ten children. He died in 1687.

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