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Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society, Volume 11 1929

Like Volume 20, this Proceedings is a single issue; but in this case, rather than Natural History, it is devoted to the excavations that took place at St. Catherine's Hill, Winchester, between 1925-28. The overall volume is over 300 pages in length. It has been split into a number of areas with most coverage devoted to the Iron Age. Each part of the volume has a link to the pdf which can be read online or downloaded for study. Download size varies from 0.2 - 6.7 MB. The index covers the whole of Volume 11.

C. F. C. Hawkes, J. N. L. Myres and C. G. Stevens were responsible for the excavations and writing of the reports under the editorship of F N Davis.

Preliminaries and Background Information
Contents Pages vii-xiii
Introduction Pages 1-8
Iron Age Excavations - pages 9-66
  Timber and Early Iron Age Fortifications - pages 67-84
  Pits - pages 85-96
  Finds - pages 97-139
  Culture - pages 140-168
  Origins of Winchester - pages 169-188
The Middle Ages Pages 189-257
Since the Reformation Pages 258-286
Accounts & Subscribers Pages 287-290
Index Pages 291-310