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Archaeology Section

Visits in 2024

The section will offer a range of visits and lectures during the year.


The Archaeology Section aims to entertain and inform those who are concerned for the past and its material remains.

Barrow Clump Excavations

We organise an annual conference and a programme of lectures which keep members abreast of developments in archaeology, both within the county and beyond. Field trips are arranged to view current excavations and exhibitions and to visit some of the notable sites and monuments in Hampshire and adjoining counties.

University of Bournemouth Durotriges excavations

Some of the work undertaken in the county is published in the Field Club's own Proceedings (Hampshire Studies) and Newsletter. If you have any contributions for the Archaeology Section of the Newsletter, please email them to

Current programme - a full listing of all events organised by the different sections of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society.

Some Archaeology Section's previous events include:

  • Past conferences on themes such as:
    • ‘Death & Burial’
    • ‘Monastic Houses’
    • 'Peopling the Past'
    • ‘Conflict and Defence’
  • Past conferences on specific time periods:
    • ‘Early Anglo-Saxons – buckets and bodies’
    • ‘Neolithic New and Bronze Age Breakthroughs’
    • ‘Romans – AD410’
    • ‘Trade and Living in the Late Iron Age’ 

Through the year we run a series of lectures including the annual Roman-themed ‘David Johnston Memorial Lecture’ and archaeological topics from top academics such as Sir Barry Cunliffe and Professor Mike Fulford, with leading archaeologists from the commercial world of development-funded research, which is doing so much to expose the past beneath our feet.

The Section prides itself on providing (normally in summer) visits to extant archaeological excavations, and pays regular return visits to ongoing work to assess progress. Some of the key sites visited of recent years include: Silchester; Meonstoke; Basing House; Winterbourne Kingston (Duropolis) and the Leper Hospital on Magdalen Hill above Winchester.

Excavations at Silchester Roman Bath House
Visiting the Roman Bath House Excavations at Silchester
Excavations at Magdalen Hill
A visit to the excavations at the Magdalen Hill Leper Hospital

Committee Members

Chairman Chris Sellen
Hon Secretary TBC
Hon Treasurer Robin Iles
Newsletter Editor David Allen - any contributions, ideas or queries should be emailed to
Ordinary Members Jan Bristow, Jenny Durrant, Philippa Harrap, Katie Hinds, Jane King, Jane Schön and Sally Worrell
Any questions about the Archaeology Section?
Then email Chris Sellen
Chris Sellen, Archaeology Section Chair
c/o 8 Lampool House, Station Road, Overton, Basingstoke, RG25 3TL
tel 07507263500 (daytime)