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Landscape Section

About the Landscape Section

Current programme: a full listing of all events organised by the different sections of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society.

Events planned by the Landscape Section in 2024

'Geology between Ladle Hill and Ecchinswell'

    View westwards towards Ladle Hill

  • Saturday - 22nd June: a visit, 10.15 am to 4.00 pm approx., to looked at the unfinished Ladle Hill Fort, the Kingsclere Inlier and the village of Ecchinswell. The visit linked the landscape features to the geology of this part of the county.
  • Mike Broderick gave an introduction followed by a guided walk along the crest of the chalk scarp to Ladle Hill. Expertise was shared on the birds, vegetation, former landuse and archaeology. The group then drove to Ecchinswell, parking by the Village Hall. There was time to look at the former water mill, where those present met, by chance, with the current owner who runs the mill once-a-year. The fact that there is a watermill, emphasises the fact that the yournger, Tertiary, sediments are impervious unlike the chalk further south. En route to Mill Lane the walk passed the Victorian house, built for the schoolmaster, which is well maintained and has a lovely garden. There then followed an excellent lunch at the Royal Oak.

  • After lunch, the visit continued by footpaths and minor roads on a circular route, firstly along the London Clay westwards before turning south to cross the Lambeth Group rocks (Reading Beds?) and the chalk. The chalk here formed low hills and it could be seen in a chalk pit which had recently been extended. Along this path the Laundry Cottages were passed and we were lucky to meet with a retired worker who showed us the inside of the old laundry building. The visit continued to the south, passing on the Upper Greensand,until we reached Sydmonton Court to view the old house and gardens from the footpath. Retracing out steps tooks us back to the junction of the path which led eastwards, past Watership Down Farm, to the road for Ecchinswell; the eastward running path marked the approximate dividing line between the chalk to the north and the Upper Greensand to the south. On the southern edge of the village where a dry stream bed, possibly a winterbourne, was seen in the field to the south of the old graveyard. A short footpath led to the road from Kingsclere and crossed the river that rises from springs to the south of this part of the village. Our route then led back to the carpark by the Village Hall.

Field Meeting – Butterflies and plants of Bentley Station Meadow and Blacknest Fields

Brown Argus butterfly

Date: Saturday - 15th June from 9.45 am - 1.00 pm

This was a joint event with the Alton Natural History Society. The walk of approximately 3.5 miles through Alice Holt Forest took in two important sites for grassland, scrub and woodland edge butterflies. Bentley Station Meadow is run by Butterfly Conservation and we were joined by reserve manager Fiona Scully. Blacknest Fields is a habitat restoration project run by Binsted Parish Council. The route will take place over undulating forest and field tracks which may be muddy and slippery.

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Landscape Section Events in 2023

Newsletter: The Landscape Section publishes articles in the HFC Newsletter and we welcome contributions on landscape related topics. If you have any ideas or articles for the Newsletter, please email to discuss your proposal.

Landscape Section Archive: Find out about significant people and previous events put on by the Landscape Section.
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