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Proceedings of HFC&AS Online - Volumes 10 (Part 3)-17 (Part 1) -1931-1939)

Below, there are thumbnails of covers or images from articles, of the 'Proceedings of the HFC&AS', for this period. By taking the links, the table of contents can be seen for each volume in the date range above. Each article is linked to a scanned pdf which can be read online or downloaded. During this period the proceedings were published in Parts 1-3; these three parts were then bound to make up one volume. For each volume there is a link to an index of the published articles. Volume 11, which was a special single issue volume on the excavations of St. Catharine's Hill between 1925-28, was published in 1929.





Vol 10 Part 3 Cover
Vol 12 Part 1 Cover
Image from article by Liddell
Image from article by Box
Image from article by Green
Vol 10, Part 3
Vol 12, Part 1
Vol 12, Part 2
Vol 12, Part 3
Vol 13, Part 1





Vol 13, Part 2 Cover
Image from article by Hill
Vol 14 Part 1 Cover
Image from article by Hawkes
Vol 13, Part 2
Vol 13, Part 3
Vol 14, Part 1
Vol 14, Part 2


Should you wish to see hard copy, you will need to visit either the Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Library, which is held at the Hartley Library of the University of Southampton, or any of a number of the larger of Hampshire County Council's libraries which hold selections of the back numbers. Should you require hard copy, the Publication Sales Officer has an archive selection of Studies (Vol 30 onwards). For details of all available publications download the latest publications price list from the main Publications webpage.

All items in stock are available from the Publications Stockholder, Miss Julia Sandison; see below for contact details. A pro forma will be issued for all publications requested; this will include additional charges for postage and packaging as well as the cost of the items. Your order will be completed and will be sent on receipt of payment. All items can be posted. Payment must be made in sterling.

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