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Landscape Section - AGM & Lecture 2022

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 23rd November 2022


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of the last meeting

3. Matters arising from the minutes

4. Reports of Officers:

4.1 Chairman

4.2 Treasurer

4.3 Newsletter Editor

5. Election of Officers:

5.1 Chairman

5.2 Programme Secretary

5.3 Minuting Secretary

5.4 Treasurer

5.5 Newsletter Editor

6. Election of Committee Members

7. Any other business

Minutes for 2021 AGM:

This was held on Wednesday November 3rd, 2021

From Item 5: Reports of Officers: a) Chairman:
Conference & AGM – no conference took place in 2021. The Landscape Section Secretary is liaising with possible speakers to organise a series of lectures or conference on Southampton in 2022. It is likely that this will be delivered by Zoom.

Summer Trips 2021 – two of the three planned visits to Basingstoke took place, to: 1) the Holy Ghost Cemetery and South View area & 2) Medieval & Post-medieval Buildings of Basingstoke. Both visits enjoyed dry, sunny weather and were appreciated by those present. The Section’s thanks are extended to the leaders of these visits.  At the meeting, MB noted that both visits ran at a loss but it is hoped that better publicity in 2022 will resolve this issue.

Summer Trips 2022 – The third Basingstoke visit to look at the religious buildings of the town, apart from St. Michael’s, is being planned. Roger Ottewill and Mike Broderick are in the planning stage of a visit that will hopefully take place in early April 2022.

Landscape Section Committee – The composition of the Committee remained constant in 2021. Though no physical meetings took place, communications were maintained by email. Thanks were extended to all Committee Members for their work.

b) Newsletter Editor: - Dawn Cansfield was pleased to report that a number of new contributors had provided copy for the most recent Newsletter, No. 76. Responses to items from earlier editions would always be welcome. Her deadline was 1/12/21.

From Item 6 (Treasurer’s Report)
Section receipts and payments accounts: These show the receipts and payments. Apart from Hampshire Papers, this was a quiet year  for the sections. Each section considers that it has sufficient funds at the year-end for its future activities.









Any questions about the Landscape Section?
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