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Landscape Section - Lectures 2022

Landscapes Revealed - Recent Archaeological Research in and around Southampton

Venue: via Zoom
Date: Wednesday 26th January 2022, 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm approx (you will be able to join via Zoom from 7.00 pm onwards) - book your place via TicketSource.

The first half of the two talks will be about the foreshores of the Test and Itchen; and then the second part will discuss their more terrestrial archaeological fieldwork. The latter is more general and dispersed, including work at Clausentum, which fits nicely with the Itchen, but also WWII material from our campus and the Common, and the survey we are undertaking of Southampton Old Cemetery.

Solent Harbours Discovery Programme


Sam Griffiths will report on the work of the Museum of London Archaeology CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network) research programme. The logo above links to the Solent Harbours part of the project. Sam will outline recents discoveries. You can get more information about discoveries in previous years by following the links below:

A Summer of Archaeology on Avenue Campus, Southampton Common and Roman Clausentum

Excavation and survey at the sites ran smoothly: Figure 1 (below) Students and staff during the field season (left) Student undertaking earth resistance survey on Southampton Common, (centre) Jamie Ingram leads the laser scanning of Southampton Old Cemetery, (right) staff and students excavate at Bitterne Manor (photos: K. Strutt).

Students and staff during the field season 

Excavations at Avenue Campus: Figure 2 (below)Prof. Josh Pollard and team excavate the remains of a tennis court and WWII air raid shelter on Avenue Campus (photo: K. Strutt).

Prof. Josh Pollard and team excavate the remains of a tennis court and WWII air raid shelter on Avenue Campus

The geophysical survey on the Common uncovered components of the First and Second World War camps that utilised this space, complementing our discoveries on the Campus. Figure 3 (below) The geophysical survey supervisors Dominic Barker, Jack Pink and Lucy-Ann Taylor return after a hard day’s work (photo: K. Strutt)

Geophysical Survey Team

It was the wonderful research undertaken by the students and staff at Southampton Old Cemetery that provided the greatest contrast to the excavation and geophysics. Here the fieldwork involved laser scanning and photogrammetry of grave stones, and the completion of a large corpus of written records of the many grave markers in the southern part of the cemetery. Figure 4 (below) Photogrammetry of one of the grave markers at Southampton Old Cemetery, showing the state of the stonework due to weathering (image: J. Ingram).

Photogrammetry of one of the grave markers

Book your place via TicketSource.

Cost – Members £6.00 & Non-members £8.00


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