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Landscape Section

Sarsen Stones in West Woods, near Marlborough

Saturday 25th March 2023

Following her lecture on ‘Sarsen Stone Industries in Southern England - what we know and what we don't know.’, Dr Katy Whitaker led a visit to West Woods, nr Marlborough, to
look at sarsens in the landscape and to consider other archaeological features in these woods.


  • Location: West Woods car park - SU162667 - or SN8 4DY if using sat nav; the car park can only be accessed via Clatford Bottom.

  • An introduction to the area and its landscape from Dr Katy Whitaker was followed by a guided walk around the woods. There will be an account of the visit published in the next edition of the Newsletter, No. 80 Autumn 2023. West Woods was revealed as the sources of the majority of the Sarsen Stones at Stonehenge. There is a 2020 report on the Guardian website which gives more information.

  • NB: the walking in West Woods involves occasional steep slopes. Surfaces can include gravel metalled woodland ride, muddy trackways and the uneven woodland floor. The walking route took in 19th C and 20th C sarsen stone quarrying.

Sarsen stone in woodland setting

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