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Celebrating Hampshire's Historians

The Hampshire Field Club and Archaeology Society has been selected to take part in the Institute of Historical Research’s centenary event “Our Century: thinking back, looking forward.”

The IHR is the UK's national centre for history, dedicated to supporting historians of all kinds. 'Our Century” is a 12-month festival of public activities exploring history’s past, present and future.  Over 12 months (July 2021-June 2022) it will celebrate the discipline and practice of history in its many forms and wherever it’s found: promoting the value and power of historical thinking; celebrating diverse histories from our previous century; and looking ahead to history’s future in the coming century. Historical organisations across the country will be organising events within this umbrella.

The Field Club will be Celebrating Hampshire’s Historians. As arguably the historically richest single county in Britain, Hampshire is a historical treasure house of national history, military & maritime history, commercial activity, religious history and literary activity.  This history has been recorded and interpreted by historians, archaeologists, archivists and others. Currently at least 100 organisations are studying, rewriting and disseminating Hampshire’s history in many different ways. Some examples of these societies can be found on the HFC's Links to Hampshire Societies webpage.

These organisations will be invited to nominate and provide profiles of Hampshire historians, broadly defined, and an organisational overview. Together these will be on on-line tribute to past historians and a profile of today’s practitioners.

The Field Club will be approaching organisations in June, with the target of launching the website in the autumn of 2021.  More information is available from Dick Selwood.

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