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Landscape Section

Events in 2022

Lectures - Wednesday, 26th January from 7.00 for a 7.30 pm start - there will be two lectures, delivered via Zoom, on the theme of Southampton:

  • Landscapes Revealed - Recent Archaeological Research in and around Southampton

    Kristian Strutt, Dept of Archaeology University of Southampton, and Sam Griffiths, Museum of London Archaeology, looked at their recent research to show what it could tell us about the past landscapes of Southampton. The first half of the two talks considered the foreshores of the Test and Itchen; and then in the second part the more terrestrial archaeological fieldwork was discussed. The latter was more general and dispersed, including work at Clausentum, which fits nicely with the Itchen, but also WWII material from the University of Southampton campus and the Common, and the survey in progress at Southampton Old Cemetery.

One of the visits to belinked to the 2019 Conference on Basingstoke has now been rescheduled to Spring 2022:

  • Saturday - 2nd April 2022: jointly with the Local History Section, a morning visit to look at: Basingstoke's Religious Heritage

    Some of the major casualties of Basingstoke’s town centre redevelopment in the 1960s were a number of historic places of worship. These had contributed significantly to not only the religious life of Basingstoke but also the character of its built environment. This outing, jointly organised by the Landscape and Local History Sections of the Field Club, recalled some of the buildings and visit two that survive. Starting at a notable survivor, London Street United Reformed Church (formerly Congregational Church), which dates from the early nineteenth century, the outing will also include a visit to All Saints Church built at the beginning of the twentieth century.

    The visit will be led by Roger Ottewill; there is background material on this topic on the Landscape Section webpage on religious buildings, both ancient and modern in the town centre.

  • Wednesday - 28th September 2022: The Picturesque Eye: Meonstoke

    Following his article in the recent Newsletter (No. 76, pp 15-17), Gordon le Pard led a visit to the Meon Valley to use replicas of 18th-C. technology to view the landscape. The technology included a ‘Claude Glass’, a mirror used to view the landscape as a reflection, and another type of Claude Glass that viewed the landscape through coloured glass, with different colours for different effects, e.g. blue for winter or moonlight. Fuller details are available from The Picturesque Eye: Meonstoke.

  • Wednesday - 23rd November 2022: Landscape Section AGM & Lecture on: 'Sarsen Stone Industries in Southern England - what we know and what we don't know'

    In the UK, sarsen stone is limited to parts of southern-central and south-east England, including Hampshire and its neighbouring counties. This talk explored the wide range of ways that sarsen has been extracted, worked and used, drawing from recent research into contrasting prehistoric and post-medieval sarsen stone artefact assemblages and quarrying sites.

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